The perfect gift.

A great read for rugby fans – especially those over 40.

At over 200 pages of laughs, the book Rats Tales follows a top veterans rugby team all over the world in the amateur era. Sit on the sofa, lie in bed, park yourself on the loo, and dip into a story or two any time you want, whether amusing player profiles from the original programmes or hilarious tales gathered from the team’s memories.

No smut, no drinking tales (well, maybe just one or two), and a smile a minute.

Buy a copy at £20 (Plus P&P) and all profits will go to well-known charities, in particular to My Name’5 Doddie.*

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation is absolutely committed to the goal: A World Free of MND. It states: “We will leave no stone unturned in the relentless pursuit of this goal as we fund, guide and enable the smartest, most efficient MND research to catalyse a cure for motor neurone disease.”

*RATS TALES is a not-for-profit venture aiming to raise funds for rugby-related charities. All words and photos are provided freely by Clifton RATS. The design has been provided at cost. Printing and production was initially underwritten by generous friends. Once production costs are covered, all funds will go in full to charitable causes.

For more information or help with an order, please contact: mail@cliftonrats.com